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Harper K

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                                                   Too Soon For Forever


          Divorce is a depressing event that happens  in a lot of kids lives today, and I have had to experience that shudder for fourteen years of my life. My parents marriage came to a sad ending when I was about fifteen months old. My parents didn’t realize that even though I was only fifteen months and at the time I had no idea what was going on that the divorce would impact my life forever. My parents didn’t have to sit me down and tell me about the divorce because I was so young and I would just have to live with knowing that my parents would never be together again. I have grown up with two different sets of parents not even remembering what it was like to have only two parents in love.


          My whole life I have had to have two different sets of parents and all of my friends have only two parents. I would wish when I was younger that my parents didn’t get divorced, or blame myself for the divorce, but since I’ve grown up I understand it wasn’t anything I could stop or change. It was reality and I wasn’t the only kid who went through this. Other kids have gone through the same thing as me, feeling the guilt, all the questions, and wishes as I had. When my dad remarried it was difficult for me to adjust because I had to add on an older sibling who would bully me and I didn’t know how to react because I was so used to just playing with myself. After having three siblings, I got used to the idea of it not being all about me, and after five siblings it became a lot.                         

           As I got older the divorce impacted me more then when I was little. I didn’t remember my birthday parties or spending holidays with what parent but when I reached ten, it all really affected my life and feelings. I disliked having to be with a different parent on different holidays, my birthday for example, and having to switch houses every day of the week it was not right. Why couldn’t I just spend all of those holidays with both of my parents? It wasn’t that simple which made life harder.


. My schedule consisted of Homework,after school sports,and club sports. I had to be very organized and grow up in order to accomplish switching houses. I made it through but it wasn’t very easy. I had to have the right books for school, my laptop, clothes, soccer equipment, etc.  At that moment in my life I really had wished my parents would still have been together to make my life easier for me but it would never happen.


           Eleven years of switching back and forth because of the divorce, I decided to make a change and just live with one parent to make my life much easier. I know that the other parent wouldn’t see me but it wasn’t about how it affected them it was about how it affected me,   Living with just one family has been enough for me. Divorce is an awful thing, and the parents really should think about how it will affect the children’s future.

Comments (7)

mgoodman said

at 9:53 am on Sep 10, 2010

It was really good! You did a great job describing how you felt and how it affected you!!

Sierra Decker said

at 5:01 pm on Sep 20, 2010

I really liked how you described how the situation changed as you got older and how the divorce impacted everything in your life. I could really relate to your story.

Nadia said

at 12:07 pm on Sep 21, 2010

ahh , harp harp.
interesting story. Kept my attention. Good use of everything hahah . Good job , A+

tcotter said

at 12:51 pm on Sep 21, 2010

I really like how you describe how divorce affected your life, and what changes you had to make to handle living at two houses. You did a great job. It was very honest and well written.

clee said

at 1:52 pm on Sep 21, 2010

I really liked your story Harper!
You described your mood very well and explained how the divorce affected your life with perfect detail. I loved how honestly you wrote your story.

Your video was really good too. It made me feel really sad and made me feel how hard it must be for you and other kids out there whose parents have divorced.

rtaki said

at 10:51 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Great job sis! Haha, the story was descriptive and kept my interest! You used a lot of details to describe your emotions throughout the divorce.

jarnold said

at 6:23 pm on Sep 27, 2010

Harper, you did a great job expressing how you felt in your paper, and your video was amazing!

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