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Sami E-A

Page history last edited by Sami El-Ali 13 years ago

                               My new school         by: Sami El-Ali

            I had always been with my same friends in school. For some, it was from kindergarten on through 8th grade, even though we didn’t go to a k-8 school. We had all gone through the same kindergarten to fifth grade school, and then a middle school which is obviously sixth grade to eighth grade together (some elementary schools had sixth grade so many kids showed up late). I had always thought I would go on to high school with them and that would be the last time I would see them. But then my mom had said that I wouldn’t be going to the same school all my friends I met in middle school and elementary school, and that I would be going to a private school. That changed everything.

            I was worried about a private school of only 200 kids would be like, I was so use to 1000 kids in the whole school. This means that classes be would be so much shorter, and that my 30 kids in a class (would be 40-50 in the high school ) days would be numbered. I would have 10 or so kids in a class, which seemed weird to me. I tried to enjoy my last days at Cross, but it was difficult because Cross is a school that is an underachieving school that made me not very well prepared. I wondered what changes would await me at a school so different than mine, a school that would be giving a much better education for all. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to leave a school that had no strengths for such a high performing school. I questioned would there be a lot of homework, would I be having to work super hard to achieve my goals. I questioned other things like the people who go there. I pondered on whether they would be so much smarter or if they would be odd people opposed what I was used to. Also, I questioned on if they would be snobby because this is a private school that you have to pay a lot for. Other than the academics and what the kids would be like, I also questioned athletics. One thing I thought was that the athletics wouldn’t be quality because there is hardly anyone so how would they be good? Also, I was nervous about how good the coaching would be for each sport, and if there would just be a random dad or teacher coaching or if it would be quality. After being at St. Gregory, I learned the answers to my many questions.

            I learned many things at St. Gregory after being there. The 200 kid school is infinitely better than any of the school sizes I was used to, and the small classes allowed for better teaching and understanding. The kids are a little different than what I was used to, though they are not mean or something like that, I actually preffered them over public school kids. The academics are especially where the school excels.  The athletics have good coaching and talent. Overall, St Gregory has been a good school that is enjoyable for me, but it’s not for everyone.


Comments (2)

cbakarich said

at 7:18 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Nice work Sami! I came to stg in 6th grade, but it was sort of the same kind of experience being someone from a public school background coming to a private school. Besides some grammar mistakes, you did really well!

rtaki said

at 10:52 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Great job Sami! it kept me reading the whole time because i could relate to what you were saying and also you described what it was like and why you appreciate St Gregory really well!

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