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Reed R

Page history last edited by rreinthal 12 years, 6 months ago

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When I was four years old, I was helping the babysitter’s daughter by fixing the T.V in their Quonset. I started to click the power button and it did not turn on. Out of frustration, I kicked the T.V as hard as I could and I felt like electricity went through me. It wasn’t actually electricity that was flowing through me, it was actually the venom that I felt from a scorpion. I did not know at the time that it was a scorpion and I felt very tired, nauseous, and uncomfortable. I was trying to go sleep on the couch, but I was not able to and started to toss and turn. Everyone in the house did not know why I was acting weird and just ignored me.. I was getting sicker by finding it harder and painful to I talked or move my body.

My mom decides to take me to the hospital where the doctors can help me feel better. The doctors inject me with two drugs that helps me with the venom and forget about the event. Somehow the second drug did not work on me and I think it was my willpower that fought back against it. When I woke up, I found myself in a room with a T.V and wires that were attached on to me. I started to panic because I did not remember entering this room and why were the wires were on me. The wires were to make sure that I didn’t have any other dieses or side effects of the medicine. I was scared of the people that were around me because I am used to having my family around and trusting them over doctors. I realize that I have to trust other people and just not my family. My family discover that I was stung by a scorpion when my mom’s cousin came over and killed the scorpion when it came down. The venom caused a allergic reaction in me that caused all the strange actions that I did on the couch. The doctor told me that I could not move legs for while due to the paralysis of scorpion’s venom. I actually force myself to move my legs to wave my mother goodbye. I got in trouble for walking outside because the doctor told me that I should not move them until a day.

This event has impacted me through dramatizing and pushing me out of my safety place which molded me to be the person that I am today. I learned that there is danger everywhere and that caused me to be more cautious about my actions. The second thing that I learned is that technology is always evolving and to never to be afraid of it. I really like technology because they are making better medicine and new power sources. The biggest impact on me was to trust other people because I may have to trust them with my life or a really important job. I always trust someone to return something to me or to keep a secret. The third that I realized if someone has enough willpower they can do anything. Whenever I get hurt, I usually ignored the pain and keep going on like nothing happen to me. This event was the starting point of my personality because it was the first serious event that has ever happen to me. I also learn to never kick a T.V out of frustration.

Comments (4)

Grant Ross said

at 2:32 pm on Sep 21, 2010

I like the last line, it added a sense of humor to the story. A little more description would also be nice. Other than that, good work!

Leah Mann said

at 5:38 pm on Sep 21, 2010

It was a really unique and somewhat frightening story. I think putting in some dialogue might make it flow better. I also thought the animation in your video was entertaining.

Jake Rogers said

at 8:51 pm on Sep 21, 2010

Good story Reed. It was very dramatic and funny at some parts. More detail and explanation would be good but otherwise i liked it.

Natassja said

at 10:48 pm on Sep 21, 2010

I'm surprised it was that much of an effect, you must be allergic to scorpions! I'm glad you're okay...the video could have used some music, but the animations were really good. Also, I agree with Grant. The last line was my favorite part.

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